TED Talk! Procrastination and Focus!

Yet another interesting and new TED talk...you can watch it now, or you can watch it later when you are less distracted and more focused... Filmed February 2016 (14:03).

About G. Andrew Page

Born, raised, and formally educated in the public schools of Georgia, I am a proud member of a family of passionate educators. I have returned to my beloved south after 9 years of challenging living and working in "The Last Frontier" of Alaska. I consider myself to be somewhat passionate about effectively using technology to meet the needs of ALL learners . This includes assistive, augmented, virtual, and emerging technologies which can help humanity transcend barriers, inequities, disparities, and offer promise to lifelong learners. Currently, I am working full-time as an "Educational Technology Specialist" at Savannah Technical College (www.savannahtech.edu) and I am continuing my affiliation as a Graduate Student Mentor at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Alaska. (www.alaskapacific.edu). In addition to volunteering my time with several organizations, I facilitate faculty development workshops as well as corporate training on the effective use of learning technologies. I am the very proud father of two very beautiful daughters and the love of my life, Sharon, is a passionate educator in Savannah (Savannah Classical Academy). Thank you for visiting my website. Your comments are welcome! ~G. Andrew Page

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